Switched to Linux!

I have gracefully switched to Linux for full time! After several ups and downs, hassles and solutions, problems and fixes, I have finally put up Ubuntu as the default option at the Grub boot loader.

It was an all day workout for setting up the box, differentiating between Debian and Red hat based packages (.deb and .rpm), understanding apt-get,et al.

Updating the sources.list file repeatedly to get the latest packages is a bit tiring. May be I started off with wrong initial steps but then, it was a good experience!

I have finally managed to  connect to internet  using my ADSL modem and BSNL’s broadband connection over my Linux machine. I have successfully installed xmms {equivalent to winamp for windows!} and VLC player for GNU/Linux.

I have also ordered for the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. If you feel like trying, you may order or download it from here.

I shall keep posting my experience of using Linux with time. Ta!




5 thoughts on “Switched to Linux!

  1. Thanks dude! Its inspiring enough tot ry out Linux! And for all help needed, I know big man would always be there, that YOU! Keep the good job going maan! You’re areal techie chap! Some where down under I have a feel that you were born with a open source mind frame! Just kidding 🙂

  2. well iam keenly interested in linus OS
    heard abt its speed n security a lot by many..
    lets c wen get a hand on it

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