BarCamp Delhi – 6


What is a BarCamp?

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences – open, participatory workshop-events whose content is provided by the participants. All attendees are encouraged to present / facilitate a session. Everyone shares their experiences both live and after the event via the web and other channels. BarCamp Delhi is one of the largest communities of individual thinkers and tech enthusiasts – bringing whole entrepreneurial community together.

To join in on the community discussion about BarCamp Delhi, check out the BarCamp Delhi Google Group. You can also follow BarCamp Delhi on Twitter. If you’re tweeting about BarCamp Delhi 6, then please use the hashtag #bcd6

Check out some of the interesting sessions happening at this BarCamp;

  • Mobility – iPhone , Android and beyond – Sunil Goyal
  • Content Strategy and Social Media – Yu Yu Din, Editor
  • Indian LBS Insights – Loop holes, Opportunities – Piyush Gupta
  • Recession, jobs and start ups – Brijesh Singh
  • Knowledge Management – C.K.Arora
  • Youth Marketing and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Down Turn. – Ravi Dabbiroo
  • Extent of Cyber crimes in our Social Lives & Solutions – Rakshit Tandon
  • E-enabling Youth through Innovative approaches of Knowledge and Learning platforms – Dolly Bhasin
  • Virtualization and Green IT- Where IT Infrastructure is heading – Sanjay Kharb
  • Marketing in Social Media Fragmentation Era – Nandini Maheshwari
  • The FLOP Business-What, where and how? – Narendra K. Shukla
  • The Open Web – Shwetank Dixit
  • The Global Warming – Rohit Prakash
  • FIX Protocol – Atul Lakhotia
  • The Financial Crisis and India Redux – Pankaj Jain
  • Adobe AIR – Romil Mittal

The complete list is available are the sessions page. If you haven’t yet registered for this event, do it now at the registration page! Yeah, it’s free 🙂

If you thought that was all, we at have put up two interesting contests for Photographer and Bloggers respectively.

Check out the bcd6 contest and win yourself a .com with a year of free hosting from You can also win a free Flickr Pro account for an year worth 25$ 😉

Details for the event:

Date: 28 February & 1 March 2009
Time: 9 am to 5 pm


Management Development Institute
Mehrauli Road, Sukhrali
Gurgaon – 122007
Tel: +91.124.2349831-36, 4013050-59

Looking forward to see you there.

For more details, contact me at 991-179-2520.

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