iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking

Last night was a sleepless battle between me and an iPhone 2G. A friend of mine got this phone for him and wanted to get the latest firmware updated.

28-03-2009 18-27-20

Initially: iPhone on the Apple iTunes


A genuine iPhone would take a few minutes to get it done without any problems whatsoever. But a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone had an alternative route to success.

Since I never owned an iPhone, it took me a while to search over the web on what is unlocking and jailbreaking all about and how is it done for free!

With some effort, I could download and run a copy of QuickPwn to successfully unlock and jailbreak the iPhone 2G to the latest firmware.

28-03-2009 18-45-12

Finally: iPhone on the Apple iTunes!


Honey has taken the charge of putting up a detailed post of how I did that. This shall include all the screenshots I took!




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