The status of women


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The status of women over the world has been an issue for long time and still tries to find its way.

Be it India or the Middle East, the status of women is still very exemplary. A country like Dubai which is blessed by oil fields, sheikhs, world’s greatest construction fields has got its first women judge only on 27th march 2009. This depicts the respect of women in the world or any other country.


In the race of disrespecting women India is also not much behind. States like Delhi and Mumbai where women are presumed to become financially self independent, the recent Mangalore pub incident tells a different story. There are incalculable goddesses in India people worship, but the problem lies in our thought process or what is often termed in this part of the world a “mentality”. Ironically, in a country like India where people devote time and high respect to different goddesses, donate millions in temples, the respect for the women in their day-to-day life remains absent. People still consider a girl as a burden on the family and in some states the act of child infanticide has deep roots. The sex ratio census is a sheer evidence especially for some states like Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Women not only suffer in gaining a status and respect in society, they suffer in all spheres of life.

In the so called “unsafe” cities like Delhi and Mumbai, eve teasing and incestuous behavior have been hitting the dailies. The section 375 of IPC which defines rapes made some amendments in it and introduces sexual assault against any women in any custody (like police custody) or cases of sexual assault in hospital to be considered as rape offence. But they just missed to introduce parents and relative to put away the cases of incest.

Based on my findings, Sweden is the only country in Europe which allows marriage between siblings who share one parent. France and Belgium also don’t treat incest as crime for more than 200 yrs ago. Also in other parts of the world the case is treated accordingly as in Germany has some serious violating penalties in incest cases.


This is the actual status of women in our modern societies and so called “developing countries”. Still we fight for their equal rights, we deliver rhetoric speeches in their favor at the time of elections or to show the whole world how much concerned actually we are.

The fight shall still prevail because the women we worship is still different in our eyes than what we see in person. Of course, there are reasons to it which I might talk about sometime again.

This is a guest post by Pranay Kumar, a friend of mine.




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