Samsung Corby Wars – support the leading team!

Update: The contest is over now and I have won the first prize – A Samsung Corby Phone + INR 10,000/- cash 🙂

corby_wallpaper_small Samsung is back with a yet another online campaign. This time, it’s a twitter contest. The idea is simple; 5 teams, each with a nominated team-lead tries to get 200 people in his team for the minimum to stay in the competition. Surprisingly, there are no women team leads to compete with 😉

A twitter user who sends out any tweet with the hashtag of team’s name, for example #SamsungCorbyPink (that’s mine!) joins the team. Just one tweet. No change of teams allowed and no need to follow someone.

The contest has been on for a while and shall end up tomorrow, EOD. Our team has been leading throughout with some good competition with other teams. It has been fun with crazy support from fans, friends and friends of friends! Thank you one and all!

If all this was Greek for you, just hit the contest page and come back to support me! All you need to do is click on the this tweet and support my team – I am with the leading team – #SamsungCorbyPink. To join me, RT and win a Samsung phone + 10 movie tickets (courtesy team lead)! 

If the team emerges out as the 1st winner, you stand a chance to win a Samsung Corby Phone + 5 random people get couple movie tickets from me to watch a movie of your choice!

What are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon!




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