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Anything that has a blend of technology and sociology always seemed to fascinate me. Not for now, but ever since I modeled myself around the idea of “group studying” while in high school! The truth however was to to play, tweak and watch movies on computers, all in a very social fashion 😉

This post originates with a backdrop of today’s entertaining meet for bloggers by Samsung at Choko La, Khan Market, featuring confirmed geek, Kishore Bhargava and India’s leading interior designer Rekha Nambiar.

It was my first acquaintance with Kishore after having heard about him, countless number of times from my colleagues Honey and Gaurav. Undoubtedly, he is a humble person and a good speaker. It was an entertaining session with one of the best presentation aesthetics. I admired the way he put forth his bio on the slideshow, followed by a number of humorous and sensible stories. I am sure, him being a geek is just one side of what a person he is.

Kishore elaborated on how we consume media for entertainment. Typically the storage media over the access medium. WiFi is the word and seamless connectivity is the need of the hour. With most digital devices used for entertainment@home having ports like HDMI and USB along with WiFi in many cases, the idea is to build, organize and manage a single repository of media – be it music, movies or pictures and stream it across devices within the periphery of your home. In case you can understand what a static IP is, and can manage a fast enough Internet connection, you can have the privilege of running a media server too! Now that’s entertainment 2.0.

I seriously enjoyed the session!

What followed next at Samsung bloggers’ meet was a session by Rekha Nambiar who traversed us through the slides talking about how shall an ideal home be set up using technology, products and likewise. From the importance of proper lighting  to ergonomics, she kept a tab on all things that make a good home entertainment experience.

Joining me were around 20+ bloggers, Mr. Madhavan Narayanan and a handful of other guests. In an exciting contest, Hardik, the Xbox evangelist at Microsoft, who recently moved in to Delhi from Mumbai, and was trying to beat the cold, won a Samsung LCD TV! Congrats dude. I might drop in someday for a gig and I do not drink water post 6 pm. 😉

What all of us carried back was a T-shirt with our twitter handles and some good memories to share .:)

I admire the new concept for the bloggers’ meet where we had a blend of tech and otherwise. Not to mention Choko La served us a good assortment of food and drinks. Oh yes, with that I mean coffee 🙁

Kudos to Blogworks team including Rajesh, Amita, Manpreet, Rajika and other pretty girls whom I might have missed 🙂

I look forward to more such events in Delhi, not just by Samsung but by anyone who forms a part of Delhi and a larger set, India.

Image credit: Abhishek’s iPhone 😉




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  1. Hi! Praval,

    Thanks for the kind words, but please drop the “Mr.” just Kishore will do. Glad you enjoyed the presentation, given a little more time I would have actually set up a network and demonstrated even more, but I am sure I would have lost large parts of the audience.


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