Facebook Ads can pay you back!

We’ve been doing facebook all day, all night. I use it both for personal and business reasons. We @MediaRedefined also handle several fanpages for world’s popular brands. But have you ever saved a penny off a facebook ad?

I happened to save some 7.5 grands! Now, how did that happen?

While my daily usage of social networks is pretty high (mostly because of the nature of industry I work in), I happened to stumble on a facebook ad that led me to a pathetic website. However, that website was of a well versed Apple Premium Retailer who assured me some great discounts after we exchanged a few dialogues over phone.

I could eventually get a huge discount on my macbook which I was planing to buy, otherwise. What happened next is a history!

Have you ever benefitted from a social ad? Do share your story!




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