Online Reputation Management – An article on Inc. Magazine

I recently got quoted in an article by the Inc. Magazine along with Pradeep Chopra of Digital Vidya and others.

Online Reputation Management is a key deliverable when it comes to working for brands on Social Media. Over the past two years, I have been associated with it and still continue to figure out better ways of separating the signal from the noise.

In my quest to bring up a sound listening framework and tool, we at Media Redefined have had several achievements and insights to share with.

You may want to download it to read it offline. Here is a copy of the article;

If you’re interested to know what are your customers talking about you and where, get in touch.




2 thoughts on “Online Reputation Management – An article on Inc. Magazine

  1. Congrats Sir,
    Online reputation is one of the precious thing you have if it gets spoiled then its hard to get it back. Perfect planning and clear vision on your goal helps you to achieve impossible tasks (even though impossible also says that i’m possible)

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