The Diesel Island Campaign


Last month, when I came across the whole idea of ‘Diesel Island’ campaign, I was always looking forward to experience it. I am grateful to receive an invite to the ‘Diesel Democratic Party’ at the Lap, Hotel Samrat, New Delhi, last week.

What’s with the Island?

The idea was conceived by the agency, Santo (a unit of WPP, which also bagged the AdAge International Agency of the Year award, last week). Here in, the ads have a mythical island populated by models/ fans. The whole idea is further extended to belief via online games, videos and a facebook app where fans can interact with the island and its imaginary population. What more, there’s even a fake Wikipedia entry that will be updated weekly as the island grows!

DDP Logo According to Riccardo Bellini, Diesel’s global vice president of branding and marketing, the Diesel Island campaign can be described as – “Think ‘Lost’ but with nicer clothes and no polar bears”.

The #DDP (Diesel Democratic Party) had DJ Gordon Edge who flew in from UK for this event to play some great music, complemented by a fashion show and a lot of page 3 celebs. The list included Jas Arora and Rohit Bal. Cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan were amongst the invitees, but were never seen around!

The fun elements included the Diesel Island anthem and official haircut of the party called the ‘Mohawk’. Men and women of all ages were found sporting it and getting clicked! I could also spot Darshan Mehta, President & CEO, Reliance Brands Limited, but not with a Mohwawk!

It was nice meeting Abhishek Baxi, Bharat Joshi & Naina, Aman & Akansha, along with my very own Media Redefined gang!

You may want to stay tuned with what’s up and next at Diesel India on Twitter!

Thank you Priyal and the entire Nex Sales team for inviting me to the event and pulling it off in a great fashion! Cheers. 🙂




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