Marketers rejoice on the Valentine’s Day – Lovers take a ride

Valentine’s day and the entire week of roses and chocolates just got over. “Love is in the air”. You would have probably read this, if not experienced it everywhere you’d have been. It’s more like, the whole world will conspire to make you feel so.

Thanks to St. Valentine. Hats off to the marketers.

We’re living in an era where consumerism is a function of media spends and discounts. Especially for days like these. Marketers are smart enough to know the consumer behavior and journey to ride on us in an attempt to maneuver the buying habits.

The roses would sell for more, stuffed toys which would otherwise be valuable for kids, suddenly looks at different demographics. Chocolates and the whole new branding around them. Facebook apps and games, Campaigns (Check out AT&T’s campaign) around public display of affection, malls painted red and pink with heart shaped balloons which would run short of gas with 24 hours. The list is long.

Having said that, every year, more and more people fall for it. Only if, love needed a day to be expressed differently. Why not everyday or every week? Why not on your anniversary?

While I write this, I can see love birds in the park, down from the window of my 6th floor house. Under the sun and above the greens. Maybe, they’re not the mall types.

Hail Marketers!

Image credits: Eric731 & Dan Winckler




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