Idiot boxed?


Why has it always been an Idiot box?

I have been a no television guy for almost a decade. Not in terms of owning one, but spending time before it. (When you live with your parents, TV is an integral part of your family! I own a 32″ full HD masterpiece.)

As an extension to that, I am a little impatient too, when it comes to watching movies on TV (often in theaters as well). All the more, when it comes to movies.

However, I love sports, esp. Tennis and Cricket. I often watch them, when I get a chance to (that’s why the LCD TV arrived, last year, just before IPL!). Over the last one month, I did watch India play superbly at the Cricket World Cup’11 (Glad that we won!).

Now, that urged me to clear out my taste/ personality when it comes to  liking television (or the very act of viewing it). I realized that I can not be tagged as a “no TV guy”. Simply because, I own one and I do watch certain things – what if it’s not a daily soap, or a reality show, for that matter?

One thing is apparent. I am boxed. But idiot boxed? – wait!

I consider myself sane enough to stay away from the likes of Splitsvilla, BigBoss, etc. The list, I know is long. No hard feelings for people who have a liking towards them. It’s a matter of personal choice. I do watch a TV show (the only one, I watch regularly), called “Zayka India Ka“, hosted by Vinod Dua (give that to me being a foodie!). I also like some shows that showcase the way people in most parts of the country think, work and sport a lifestyle. Though I seldom get to watch them.

I assume, everything on TV is not bad. Yes, you may waste a lot of time flipping channels – one reason I hated TV, ever since. But isn’t that true with the Internet too? (Let’s keep that discussion for a future post.)

How about the content on Television? I am always a fan of paid/ premium content – read it as, I feel comfortable paying to watch a documentary, game, movie – without ads, unless it’s an exorbitant amount of money. However, I doubt if the providers will be able to take this forward. Yes, some of them did try screening World Cup matches without ads. I wonder how successful that was! Time shall tell.

Alongside, I am in a mood to watch a few good movies which I have never ever. Sholey is one of them, yes. 🙂

Having closed in with my classification of content I am interested in and would want to watch, I am checking out options for the best HD feed by a provider. I have been told that Tata Sky+ HD is THE best option. Not cheap, but worth it. Let’s see. I am still contemplating. The best part is setting it up to record your favorite shows/ series, from a Blackberry/ iPhone app. Wow!

As I clear out the blur, an update to this post may be soon be expected. Cheers!

Chak de India – for winning the World Cup’ 2011!

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