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I am a sucker for productivity apps and tools. As much as I love carrying over a dozen tools, cables, adapters and my 11K mAh (yes, you read it right!) battery pack with me, I try to make sure that I have the right laptop bag before I step out. Yeah, I have a fetish for bags – if there is one store than I’d stop by in a mall, it’s got to be the one which has bags on display!

For the past few months, I have been alternating between STM Revolution, STM Velo and a backpack from Samsonite. While STM Revolution is my all-time favorite backpack, I was looking at something which is smaller in size and lighter in weight – for days when I do not need to carry a lot of stuff. Something that is good enough to throw in the *must haves* and step out without much load on the back. I quite liked STM Impulse Backpack and thought of checking it out.

Fast forward a few weeks and I received a STM Impulse Backpack. I decided to go for the black, medium size bag. Packed in a shiny cellophane wrap, the tag & branding caught my attention, once again. The bag is lightweight – perfect to carry your Macbook Air, iPad, Kindle and a bunch of cables without hurting your back, while you’re on the road.

The adjustable straps on the back are very comfortable and have a latch to keep them together while you’re running. There is a handle on the top – soft & nice – to pick up the bag and stroll, in case you do not want to put it on your back. The straps are designed with a luggage pass-through for wheeled bags – makes it easy for you to walk at the airports without having to lug the bag.

In the front, there are two compartments. Each one of them has a handy pull-it zipper attached to it, for easy zipping and unzipping. The larger compartment has a L-shaped zipper and is deep enough to keep a bunch of things – a USB drive, diary and other nick-nacks. There are a few small holder-pockets to keep pens, markers, etc. and a nice hook to attach your key-chain. Apart from this, you’ll find a small pocket with a zipper to keep your small valuables safe – your ID, for example. The bottom pouch is large enough to keep all your power adapters, phone cables, battery packs, etc. Nicely placed for an easy access.

There are 2 more compartments that open up from the top. The first one is to keep files, papers and has a small section you can use to keep your bills, etc. The other compartment has a cushioned section for your laptop and a separate section for your iPad / Kindle. This section is the safest of all, for an obvious reason.

On the sides, there are utility pockets for water bottle or umbrella.

The bag has water resistant lining and is made up of polyester. So, you’re not afraid when you’re out and it starts to rain! There is STM branding all over the bag that makes it look classy.

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One thought on “Lightweight laptop backpack for those on the go – STM Impulse

  1. After buying this bag, I wanted to use it for first time during my travel. I packed my laptop and stuffed it with a few clothes as soon as I zipped it, the zip broke and started opening from pressure points. I had to unzip it completely and take out some stuff in order to make it work. Before that I had OGIO bag of same size and I used to load it much heavier than this one. Very disappointing.

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