My name is Praval and this is my personal blog.

I love tinkering with systems & processes. In fact, this blog was a result of one such act. Back in the day, I bought this domain to start writing on the web. Though, I ended up writing a lot more at other places and not here. I still manage to publish a post occasionally and call this my “holiday home” on the Internet, where I keep coming back.

I’ve found technology and its intersection with human behavior fascinating for almost two decades. But, while I think of the Internet as one of the greatest inventions of this century, there’s nothing’s closer to me more than my family, friends, and fresh air.

I work at Zoho as a Senior Product Marketing Leader.

Zoho.com offers a smart suite of online business, productivity & collaboration applications for growing businesses. Zoho.com is a division of Zoho Corporation, a privately-held and profitable company. With several offices across the world, Zoho Corporation serves the technology needs of more than 30 million users worldwide.

In my previous avatar, I co-founded Media Redefined, a digital media agency in India, with two wonderful friends, Gaurav & Honey. After nearly four years of running a profitable business, we decided to move on, but that’s another story.

If there’s anything that you think we should talk about. Feel free to reach out to me using one of the methods listed on this blog.