Hi there! I’m Praval

Technology and its intersection with human behavior has fascinated me for more than a decade. I love my computer and mobile phone, more than shoes and clothes. But nothing’s closer to me more than my family, friends, and fresh air. Not that I drive bikes, but between a sports bike and a cruiser I would prefer a cruiser, any day. That should work as a good analogy.

I love tinkering with systems & processes. In fact, this blog was a result of one such act. Back in the day, I bought this domain to start writing on the web, but, I ended up writing a lot more at other places, than here. I still manage to publish a post occasionally and call this my web home.

About my professional life:

I work at Zoho as a Senior Product Marketing Leader.

Zoho.com offers a smart suite of online business, productivity & collaboration applications for growing businesses. Zoho.com is a division of Zoho Corporation, a privately-held and profitable company. With several offices across the world, Zoho Corporation serves the technology needs of more than 25 million users worldwide.

Previously, I was the co-founded Media Redefined, a digital media agency in India. After nearly 4 years of running a profitable business, we decided to move on, but that’s another story.