My first iPhone!

It’s here! I purchased my first iPhone, a 16 GB, 3GS, last month over eBay US. Thanks to Rohini and Shashank bhaia for helping me with the logistics. 🙂


Tonight is the night!


We shall row it, on and on.

It’s 3 am and folks at MediaRedefined are working. A couple of them are out to get some food. No we’re not at Kargil but at our cozy office in Vaishali. Warm jackets, half a dozen notebooks, A4 sheets, music, foot on table and redness in most eyes – guys are striving hard to get the project ready for the release.

A dozen pet bottles, empty packs of wafers died out midway before they reached the trash can in the kitchen. It’s chaos! But just as I believe, the best of the works one can ever do, is done under chaos. No ease or peace can get you productivity as compared to the one achieved when the deadlines make a whistling sound in your ears and pass by.

Tonight is one such night. Yesterday was another one. May be I shall talk about it later sometime.

We’ve read, heard and said countless number of times that life is tough. Yes it is, but there is a toughness you might just love to see in your team. No, this was not to prove that we have one of the toughest teams in the world at work. But yes, there aren’t many I have seen like this before!

It’s been more than 12 hours since folks haven’t moved their asses off the chairs which I feel have lived their age. It’s time to get new chairs for the office. Before that, we need a new office in the first place.

Amongst a dozen people I answered and justified (or atleast, tried to) my choice of being a businessman is that you see and mould things in your own good way and not just wait for them to happen. I know it’s easier said than done but I still love the fact. I am sure you getting it. Did I mention by now that I ain’t high? Trust me, if at all I am, it’s due to the lack of sleep and nothing else.

Way to go!

Image credits: Alphageek


My first car

Today, I drove back home, a Black Santro GLS. My first car!

07072009(006) 07072009(001)

07072009 07072009(004)

Took it to the Greater Noida Expressway and I could recall the time, 4 years ago, when I was on the same road looking out for a college. A lot has changed since.

There is a long road ahead. I have just upturned the first few stones. – the start-up event in N.Delhi is the premier Startup Community Event that happens in India. It emphasis in giving entrepreneurs a platform to express their visions and display their imagination, with a working prototype, for the rest of the world to see. It’s all about increasing collaboration, partnership and thought processes among a distinguished, and well-connected audience. provides a unique platform for promising startup talent to communicate their creativity and innovation potential. come together once in every six months, bringing together entrepreneurs – current and aspiring, investors, bloggers, veterans, technologists, mentors, media professionals, hackers, students, and even folks from the government bodies like NASSCOM, TiE, etc. to build a cohesive and sensible business ecosystem in India. is here in Delhi this july!

The Upcoming edition is finalized for the dates – July 18th and 19th, 2008 in Delhi and tentatively planned at the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi.

Do check out the website to know more. I thank Mayank to have introduced it to me through his blog. He is holding a small contest to give away free passes for the event! Visit here incase you think you’re lucky!