Running Spotify Premium in India

After trying almost every other music streaming service available in India, I couldn’t help myself but go back to Spotify. Honestly, I did try hard enough.

The only challenge was that I could not get a Spotify Premium subscription in India. I tried a few hacks to pay and upgrade to Premium, but nothing really worked. The only thing I didn’t try was buying Spotify gift cards in the U.S. or U.K. It seems Spotify is coming to India soon, but there’s no official word on it, yet.

Spotify in India

The easiest way to play Spotify outside of the countries it’s officially available in, is to use a VPN and signup for the service. Install the app, and you’re good to go. Every two weeks, Spotify logs you out, and you have to turn on the VPN to log back in. That’s the drill to play music on Spotify’s free plan, which has certain limitations.

The moment you try to upgrade, Spotify will tell you that the payment instrument you’re using doesn’t belong to a country where Spotify is currently available.

Thanks to the Spotifree app for Mac, I could listen to music and mute the ads for several years. But, today, a friendly soul on Reddit, pinged me with a method that did work! I’m doing my bit by spreading the word.

Note that this is not a hack that saves you from paying Spotify to get the Premium subscription. It’s a workaround to let you buy it. 

Here’s how you can run Spotify Premium in India;

1. Switch to a VPN that lets you browse the Internet with the Philippines as your country. (There are many Chrome extensions for that), or visit the Philippines. 😉
2. Sign up for Spotify and install the app on your computer and phone.
3. Disconnect the VPN (you don’t want to make a transaction over an unknown VPN).
4. Go to and switch your country to The Philippines using the drop-down on the top right. Sign up for a MOL account (it’s free).
5. Once you’re logged in, search for Spotify, and choose the subscription pack you want to buy – 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.
6. Top up your MOLPoints using PayPal (or a VISA card) and use the points to buy the Spotify subscription pack. You’ll receive a PIN in your email.
7. Go to your Spotify account and click on “Redeem”. Enter the PIN, and you’re done!
8. Enjoy Spotify Premium across all your devices.
9. Spread the word and ask Spotify to come to India soon. 🙂


Your Mac is probably eating your Internet bandwidth (and you don’t know about it!)

Last week, my monthly quota with my ISP got exhausted much before the cycle got over. Yes, I was FUP’ed.

60 GB isn’t a lot when you have a 20 Mbps hose, but I seldom hit that mark at home considering I travel a lot, and home broadband is one of the many internet connections that I use to stay connected / work.

Driven by curiosity, I logged on to my account and noticed that I had used over 6 GB of data the day before. That came in as a surprise because I had barely used the internet that day — no big downloads and minimal music streaming — even though my computer was on for several hours.

I almost freaked out, thinking that someone else is latching on to my home WiFi network. Little did I know, it was Apple, not Pandey ji.

The next day at work, we were chatting about how the new Mac OS X El Capitan is a 6 GB download, and I offered my colleagues a USB drive that had the installable on it.

The conversation went on and our Rocket Singh mentioned about this creature called nsurlsessiond that he found is always on and keeps sucking the bandwidth. I looked up at the Activity Monitor (under the network tab) and boom! This little daemon was eating up a big share of my quota, and it didn’t seem to stop, no matter what! Here’s how it looks,


A quick search and I found various hacks to stop this. The good news is, you don’t need any of those, nor do you have to read through the entire thread. Just check your spotlight preference and turn off Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web Searches, that’s it. Don’t forget to click on the “?” at the bottom right corner of the Spotlight Preferences window.

Thank me later. 🙂


Find a AirSpot Near You!

Today, I came across an interesting concept, that encompasses the power of shared internet. Now, what’s with that?

airspot_logo.pngPronto Networks, the company behind AirSpot has come up with this idea of building up a pool of users in a city who would want to share a part of their bandwidth (which they might not use otherwise, all day long), to their friends and neighborhood. What’s good? The users who take this initiative get a 50 % share of the revenue AirSpot makes!

Technically, the ProntoPoint router, that runs the AirSpot service, has a dual SSID – one personal and the other public. I am sure you got it by now! … 


Startup Lunch Delhi

Ever thought of being part of the next big business idea? If yes, this is for you!

Event Info


Type: MeetingsBusiness Meeting


Time and Place

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Amity – Noida

City/Town: Delhi, India

A Startup is probably the best place to be at for a fresher or for a professional who is looking for a career boost or to experience rapid growth. But the issue is that most people are not aware as to where to find these startups, neither are these startups able to be part of campus recruitment processes because of their small size.

The Basic Questions:

What is a Startup? A Startup is a company which is in its early stage of growth. It is most probably the founder of the company with a small team of five to ten people (or maybe less) working hard at a fabulous problem and to grow. There are two ways a startup could go: a) Really really big, or b) Go nowhere. The option is that you learn a lot from being part of a small group of people since you learn everything related to running a company and everything that goes on, which is an experience you will never get working for a corporate, and also if the startup grows big, you make a lot of money along with the founders.

What does it mean to work for a Startup? It would mean:

1. A committed job which would be an amazing place for passionate people
2. Slightly long hours of work
3. A very tightly knit team which is dedicated, passionate and probably the smartest set of people you will meet.
4. Slightly lower salaries
5. High Payback options on success

Who all can be part of this Startup Lunch? If you believe you do possess the skills to contribute to a Startup, you are more than welcome to put-in your name. Some of the verticals you might be coming from are:
* Programmers
* Marketers
* Visual Communication
* Animators
* Etc.

How Does this work?

The principle is roughly the same as the SpeedDating concept. The startup founders are seated on one side and the candidates get to say hello and have a quick conversation to talk about what the background of the founder is, why he started the company and what sort of person he is looking for, while asking questions to the candidate about the reason to join a startup and what his/her passions are and ten minutes later the same process continues with the next founder. Within an hour, you would have met/spoken to most of the startups, and by the end of the day would know whom to get in touch with for your first/next job.

So, what’s Cooking? Delhi Startup Lunch 3 is!
The Delhi Startup Lunch 3 is ready to be served on 6th September 2008.
We invite new & young businesses (Startups) and Candidates from Delhi + NCR region to participate.

More details about the event and the online registration process is available on the wiki page. If you decide to be a part of the event, you contact me or either of these guys to get any information you wish to have.

Abhishek (
Avinash (
Vishal (
Praval (

Praval is a web evangelist and marketer with, a Django web application development shop. – the start-up event in N.Delhi is the premier Startup Community Event that happens in India. It emphasis in giving entrepreneurs a platform to express their visions and display their imagination, with a working prototype, for the rest of the world to see. It’s all about increasing collaboration, partnership and thought processes among a distinguished, and well-connected audience. provides a unique platform for promising startup talent to communicate their creativity and innovation potential. come together once in every six months, bringing together entrepreneurs – current and aspiring, investors, bloggers, veterans, technologists, mentors, media professionals, hackers, students, and even folks from the government bodies like NASSCOM, TiE, etc. to build a cohesive and sensible business ecosystem in India. is here in Delhi this july!

The Upcoming edition is finalized for the dates – July 18th and 19th, 2008 in Delhi and tentatively planned at the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi.

Do check out the website to know more. I thank Mayank to have introduced it to me through his blog. He is holding a small contest to give away free passes for the event! Visit here incase you think you’re lucky!


Switched to Linux!

I have gracefully switched to Linux for full time! After several ups and downs, hassles and solutions, problems and fixes, I have finally put up Ubuntu as the default option at the Grub boot loader.

It was an all day workout for setting up the box, differentiating between Debian and Red hat based packages (.deb and .rpm), understanding apt-get,et al.

Updating the sources.list file repeatedly to get the latest packages is a bit tiring. May be I started off with wrong initial steps but then, it was a good experience!

I have finally managed to  connect to internet  using my ADSL modem and BSNL’s broadband connection over my Linux machine. I have successfully installed xmms {equivalent to winamp for windows!} and VLC player for GNU/Linux.

I have also ordered for the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. If you feel like trying, you may order or download it from here.

I shall keep posting my experience of using Linux with time. Ta!