Finally, A proud user !

I have got a web host and a website, finally !

Though I was looking for a .com domain but not too sure where would I get it free ! does provide the same, but i am unaware of its other features like Cpanel, mySQL support, etc. I’ll need to check out few more options, but that will be probably after Sunday. I’ll also query for the same with some of my seniors and friends who are into their personal websites. Meanwhile, I shall test my skills on this host.

My web site is yet to be built, the blog though has been created, if not fully developed!

I have now imported all the posts and comments to this blog hosted at my web-space, from my blog which I had been using until now.The import task was not too easy and importing comments was even more tough. Thanks to technosailor‘s guidance! is perhaps the best platform for blogging. It gives me all the flexibility I need. But time doesn’t give me the same as of now, so I’ll be done with all enhancements in the next 15 days, or may be, sooner!

Happy blogging !