Your Mac is probably eating your Internet bandwidth (and you don’t know about it!)

Last week, my monthly quota with my ISP got exhausted much before the cycle got over. Yes, I was FUP’ed.

60 GB isn’t a lot when you have a 20 Mbps hose, but I seldom hit that mark at home considering I travel a lot, and home broadband is one of the many internet connections that I use to stay connected / work.

Driven by curiosity, I logged on to my account and noticed that I had used over 6 GB of data the day before. That came in as a surprise because I had barely used the internet that day — no big downloads and minimal music streaming — even though my computer was on for several hours.

I almost freaked out, thinking that someone else is latching on to my home WiFi network. Little did I know, it was Apple, not Pandey ji.

The next day at work, we were chatting about how the new Mac OS X El Capitan is a 6 GB download, and I offered my colleagues a USB drive that had the installable on it.

The conversation went on and our Rocket Singh mentioned about this creature called nsurlsessiond that he found is always on and keeps sucking the bandwidth. I looked up at the Activity Monitor (under the network tab) and boom! This little daemon was eating up a big share of my quota, and it didn’t seem to stop, no matter what! Here’s how it looks,


A quick search and I found various hacks to stop this. The good news is, you don’t need any of those, nor do you have to read through the entire thread. Just check your spotlight preference and turn off Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web Searches, that’s it. Don’t forget to click on the “?” at the bottom right corner of the Spotlight Preferences window.

Thank me later. 🙂


Urdu poetry

I’m not much into urdu poetry but few lines I came across are worth a read :

Hui muddat ki Ghalib mar gaya par yaad aata hai,
Woh har ek baat pe kehna ke yoon hota to kya hota.

itna khaali tha andaroon mera,
kuch dino to khuda raha mujh main.

Pal bhar mein tamam umer ki sochein badal jati hain
jin rahon per chaltey hain wohi, rahein badal jati hain

karney ko kia nahi kartey log muhabbat mein
sirf hamarey liye hi kyun? rasmein badal jati hain

sochta hoon jane kaise? kah paoon ga main us say
milta hoon to dil ki sari batein badal jati hain

chahe “Manzil” “Dushwar” ho aur “Duur” bhi
humsafer us jaisa ho to musaftein badal jati hain

yun to “Raat” ka alam haseen hota hai, madhosh bhi
magar”chand”dekhoon to meri ratein badal jati hain

mat chaho,k mujhe aadat nahi itna chahne walon ki
yeh na ho log kahein, jald hi adatein badal jati hain

Masoom Mohabbat ka bas itna fasaana hai
Kaghaz ki haveli hey, baarish ka zamaana hai.

Koi Mujh tak Pohanch nahi sakta
Itna Aasaan to hai pata mera …