The race for 3G and why I don’t need one for mobile?

3G on Mobile

Do you really want them on 3G?

Suddenly, almost every individual in India who happens to live in a “3G available” zone has started to thank his fortune. Not that everyone knows much about the difference between HSDPA and HSUPA for that matter.

3G sounds cool, for what most people know is speed. I’d want to ask them a question. What kind of surfing speeds do you have at your home? Is it very awful? I doubt. I have 1 Mbps connection at home and an 8 Mbps at work. There is no significant difference in the browsing experience between both places. Downloads? Yes.

Secondly, how many times do you bother to download stuff on a mobile phone, say your smartphone? (You’re smart and thinking about tethering? Wait, I’ll come back to you!) Just to tell you, apart from anything that’s darn urgent like a powerpoint or a proposal, or a mobile apps for that matter, I defer from downloading stuff on my mobile. I leave that for the time when I shall be online on my laptop.

The thought is – you can always do MORE work on a PC or a laptop than you can do on your smartest of all smartphones. That’s where you need a faster internet download, may be. On a mobile, I would usually make and receive calls, respond to a few texts, occasionally browse a website or two, read through my RSS subscriptions and heavily use social networks on the likes of Twitter and Foursquare, for which I DO NOT need a faster internet, or what YOU call a 3G connection.

Yes, I do have a Tata Photon Plus data card, which sucks. Big time. I use it to work, on the move. That is where I need a faster, more reliable and on the move internet connection. Not for my mobile phone. You may call it a 3G data card. I wish to rely on them to work from a cafe´, a remote location or even in a cab when I sit back and work during long commuting hours for meetings.

For those who started to think about tethering – I know iPhones, Android phones even my Blackberry has the option to connect it to my laptop and use web. However, I’ve failed to understand the purpose of using it on a regular basis when data cards are not very expensive and are handy. More importantly, to me, it keeps your mobile phone out of this business. Also, I am not too sure about how much battery does a phone consume and how much charge does it gather being connected to a laptop in a tethering mode hence I am nulling down any claims on that ground. Yes, having that as a feature on your mobile is a bliss, but I do not need 3G there.

It is still acceptable for tablets, to an extent. Think of Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Apple iPad with faster internet and sufficiently large screens. Yes!

For me, it’s more about the ease of use and the need. I am happy with a BIS/ EDGE connection on my phone and it does pretty much what I need without me having to compromise on anything that’s even close to my kinship possessions.

*No offense to anyone – friends, clients, prospects, enemies!

Image credits: IhI