Plant a tree, right now :)

Immersed in the perils of procrastination, I often wondered when is the right time to get done with these open tabs on my web browser. When is the best time to revert to someone who would have possibly lost all hopes for a response to his email towards the start of this year. When am I good enough to call a friend whom I have not spoken to, for a long time, for no good/ bad reasons whatsoever. You get it.

This is not an uncommon pattern. I know a lot people around me, suffering from such an ailment.

The answer to this lies within short proverbs like these;

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is right now. ~ Unknown

Now you may relate it to your choice of salads – starting a business, quit smoke, starting exercising, changing your life, et al.

The key here is to start small, always. Thinking big or not is a personal discretion.:)

Plant a tree, now :)

So what are you planting next? Not on the farmville, for sure. 🙂

Image Credits: Cawood