Facetime Conversations

Beyond the window of social networks, there is a mirror which I often see and smile. Not because it has started to show me my grey hairs, but for the reason that it reminds me of the time when meaningful conversations were often in person, or so called, real facetime. 🙂

Today, the Skypes, BBMs and emails of the world have inhibited avenues of meetups to a large extent. No wonder how much a tweetup or a photo-walk tries to dissolve this gap, it is an ever increasing phenomenon in the digital age.

A lot goes to the increase in traffic, the underlying urge to perform better and make money or the very desire of staying busy and looking out for simplicity in a life that’s otherwise chaotic out of no sane reason. Sigh.

With broadband and mobile penetration, things are only going to get worse with time.

However, are there still enough ways where one can have a good conversation without a face-time and yet expect a near similar experience? I immediately ponder about some of the most amazing people I met, conversed and made friends with – all on the web. Not just that, an online connect often works as a catalyst to an offline meeting.

At the same time, the abundance of communities which claim to have ‘like minded’ people lead to a large noise/ signal ratio. Beyond a limit, one needs to prune his ‘available for’ list. For each one, his own.

How do you manage your meaningful conversations? How important are offline meetings for you?

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Plant a tree, right now :)

Immersed in the perils of procrastination, I often wondered when is the right time to get done with these open tabs on my web browser. When is the best time to revert to someone who would have possibly lost all hopes for a response to his email towards the start of this year. When am I good enough to call a friend whom I have not spoken to, for a long time, for no good/ bad reasons whatsoever. You get it.

This is not an uncommon pattern. I know a lot people around me, suffering from such an ailment.

The answer to this lies within short proverbs like these;

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is right now. ~ Unknown

Now you may relate it to your choice of salads – starting a business, quit smoke, starting exercising, changing your life, et al.

The key here is to start small, always. Thinking big or not is a personal discretion.:)

Plant a tree, now :)

So what are you planting next? Not on the farmville, for sure. 🙂

Image Credits: Cawood


We, the Delhites!


The case is about a group of people in this world who have been often termed as ‘Dilli Walahs”.

I would just pen the traits. Just for a read!

  1. You drink only on Monday , Wednesday , and Thursday to Sunday evenings. And try not drinking on Tuesday! And treating a friend means – Daaru Shaaru te kabbab shabbab.
  2. You hear women asking the vegetable vendor "Bhaiyaa dhaniya hari mirchi nahi diya!" [Even with Half a kilo Carrot – Dhania & Hari Mirch is expected free ] 😉
  3. A place to meet is Mocha, CCD, Barista, Hookah!
  4. You use the word "setting" or "jugad" at-least once a day.
  5. You have not visited either of – Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple . It is for tourists .
  6. You ride on the cycle rickshaw – haggle over the price but still pity rickshaw walla’s condition and give him what he asked.
  7. You always ask the vendor "Bhaiya yeh Gol-Guppe Aate ki hai ya Sooji ke?"
  8. You have been to a wedding at a Mehrauli farmhouse at least once.
  9. You understand all important words in Punjabi & punjabi "helping verbs" 😉
  10. You call the waiter in the restaurant "boss" or "Pappey" & tack on "yaar"/ "bhai" to almost every sentence.
  11. You know that Pappay Da Dhaba or Kakkay Da Hotel has better butter chicken than Taj. You’ve at least tried it once! And you see a BMW, a Porsche OR a Mercedes parked outside it!
  12. You describe practically every other person on the planet as "Vella".
  13. You see Middle Aged Aunties wearing Gucci shades and holding LV bags having Gol-Gappas in GK or Bhelpuri in South Ex along with Diet Coke !
  14. You call every stranger ‘Bhaiya’
  15. You refer to East Delhi as "Jamuna Paar".
  16. You refer to AIIMS as Medical.
  17. Pretty girls as Totta, Maal or Bamb (Punjabi for Bomb)
  18. Aashiq mizaz boys as Majnu di Aulad !
  19. You don’t buy tickets for a music concert or cricket match, but try to use political contacts  of -  “the deputy secretary of the chief secretary of the Minister of State for Khadi.”
  20. You overtake everyone from the wrong side and stare into his/her eyes while doing so.
  21. You have fought atleast once with neighbors over parking.
  22. You’ve hit 120 kmph at Nelson Mandela Marg and waited for midnight to do it.
  23. You have bribed a traffic policeman at-least once – every month.
  24. You use "contacts" (Jugaad) for everything, from getting movie tickets to restaurant bookings to playschool admissions.
  25. You call people from north east CHINKIS.
  26. You think EVERY South Indian comes from ‘ Madras ‘ and is Madrasi.
  27. You feel indicating which way you are going to turn your vehicle is an information security leak.
  28. You are a good driver coz you are correct in your Guess of what the driver in the front vehicle will do.
  29. The only time you went to the Chidiya Ghar (Zoo) was on a school picnic.
  30. You expect around 10 FM STATIONS in every city! Woohooo!

DESPITE all the good and bad, you still love Delhi and feel proud at the catchphrase – Dilli hai Dil Walon ki!

Image credits: Prato9x