My first car

Today, I drove back home, a Black Santro GLS. My first car!

07072009(006) 07072009(001)

07072009 07072009(004)

Took it to the Greater Noida Expressway and I could recall the time, 4 years ago, when I was on the same road looking out for a college. A lot has changed since.

There is a long road ahead. I have just upturned the first few stones.


iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking

Last night was a sleepless battle between me and an iPhone 2G. A friend of mine got this phone for him and wanted to get the latest firmware updated.

28-03-2009 18-27-20

Initially: iPhone on the Apple iTunes


A genuine iPhone would take a few minutes to get it done without any problems whatsoever. But a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone had an alternative route to success.

Since I never owned an iPhone, it took me a while to search over the web on what is unlocking and jailbreaking all about and how is it done for free!

With some effort, I could download and run a copy of QuickPwn to successfully unlock and jailbreak the iPhone 2G to the latest firmware.

28-03-2009 18-45-12

Finally: iPhone on the Apple iTunes!


Honey has taken the charge of putting up a detailed post of how I did that. This shall include all the screenshots I took!


Startup Lunch Delhi

Ever thought of being part of the next big business idea? If yes, this is for you!

Event Info


Type: MeetingsBusiness Meeting


Time and Place

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Amity – Noida

City/Town: Delhi, India

A Startup is probably the best place to be at for a fresher or for a professional who is looking for a career boost or to experience rapid growth. But the issue is that most people are not aware as to where to find these startups, neither are these startups able to be part of campus recruitment processes because of their small size.

The Basic Questions:

What is a Startup? A Startup is a company which is in its early stage of growth. It is most probably the founder of the company with a small team of five to ten people (or maybe less) working hard at a fabulous problem and to grow. There are two ways a startup could go: a) Really really big, or b) Go nowhere. The option is that you learn a lot from being part of a small group of people since you learn everything related to running a company and everything that goes on, which is an experience you will never get working for a corporate, and also if the startup grows big, you make a lot of money along with the founders.

What does it mean to work for a Startup? It would mean:

1. A committed job which would be an amazing place for passionate people
2. Slightly long hours of work
3. A very tightly knit team which is dedicated, passionate and probably the smartest set of people you will meet.
4. Slightly lower salaries
5. High Payback options on success

Who all can be part of this Startup Lunch? If you believe you do possess the skills to contribute to a Startup, you are more than welcome to put-in your name. Some of the verticals you might be coming from are:
* Programmers
* Marketers
* Visual Communication
* Animators
* Etc.

How Does this work?

The principle is roughly the same as the SpeedDating concept. The startup founders are seated on one side and the candidates get to say hello and have a quick conversation to talk about what the background of the founder is, why he started the company and what sort of person he is looking for, while asking questions to the candidate about the reason to join a startup and what his/her passions are and ten minutes later the same process continues with the next founder. Within an hour, you would have met/spoken to most of the startups, and by the end of the day would know whom to get in touch with for your first/next job.

So, what’s Cooking? Delhi Startup Lunch 3 is!
The Delhi Startup Lunch 3 is ready to be served on 6th September 2008.
We invite new & young businesses (Startups) and Candidates from Delhi + NCR region to participate.

More details about the event and the online registration process is available on the wiki page. If you decide to be a part of the event, you contact me or either of these guys to get any information you wish to have.

Abhishek (
Avinash (
Vishal (
Praval (

Praval is a web evangelist and marketer with, a Django web application development shop.


Campus placement – cracked!

Finally, I’m there! This valentine I did not find love, but I found my first job. I have been placed with L&T Infotech. After a week long process of clearing 4 rounds viz. written, GD, technical interview and HR interview, I am amongst the 16 selected students out of 360 candidates who sat for this campus placement drive. I would like to congratulate all of my fellow-mates who’ve got though this test! For others, I would pray and wish them success.
It is really long before I happen to join L&T. Nearly 18 months from now! But this success has certainly eased off the pressure. Right at this moment, I can visualize a quote,

If you think you can, you can. But if you think you can’t, you’re right! “

My last post tempted my friends and dear one’s to boost my confidence. I would like to thank one and all. I know past few days have seen me in one of the worst traumas I have ever been into. But that’s life all about. You gotta take it as it treats you. I thank Manvi for her valuable comment for the last post.

I am probably going to Hyderabad to attend Sun Microsystem‘s 3-days international conference!  Know more about it here. I am really excited to see my friends there.

More, later!


Goodbye 2007!

This shall perhaps be the last post for the year 2007. I am leaving for a holiday to Silvassa in the first week of the new year! The duration of the trip would be 1 week! I have just made 2 new year resolutions. I would prefer not to put them here 😉 I would definitely describe them once I achieve a desired task asap.

Delhi is having sub-5 degree temperatures and its literally chilly outside. I just hope the new years party tomorrow rocks! I would miss someone this time unlike previous 2 years But that’s life. I can’t help it.

Leaving for Silvassa on 1st Jan. I would return before 9th. My Flickr album shall soon see a lot of pictures. Keep hitting!

I wish all of my friends, relatives, fans, and silent admirers a very happy and prosperous new year ahead. I’ll see you next year. May god bless you all. Amen! 🙂


Switched to Linux!

I have gracefully switched to Linux for full time! After several ups and downs, hassles and solutions, problems and fixes, I have finally put up Ubuntu as the default option at the Grub boot loader.

It was an all day workout for setting up the box, differentiating between Debian and Red hat based packages (.deb and .rpm), understanding apt-get,et al.

Updating the sources.list file repeatedly to get the latest packages is a bit tiring. May be I started off with wrong initial steps but then, it was a good experience!

I have finally managed to  connect to internet  using my ADSL modem and BSNL’s broadband connection over my Linux machine. I have successfully installed xmms {equivalent to winamp for windows!} and VLC player for GNU/Linux.

I have also ordered for the latest version of Ubuntu Linux. If you feel like trying, you may order or download it from here.

I shall keep posting my experience of using Linux with time. Ta!


Goodbye 2006!

Today is the last day of an eventful year. This year saw many happenings which shall never happen again! It was full of joys and sorrows, just like every year since I was born. It made me an year older, a more experienced person by an year. But more importantly, this year saw me as a blogger. But as it is said, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

Its already noon and I had been working on a technical paper since yesterday night. Today shall be a busy day with parties and people around, so I thought to complete my work before stepping out of my home!

Yesterday was fun as I went for some shopping with friends. The way the market and streets at Lajpat Nagar were mobbed reminded me of the old Sunday market at Shaktinagar! heh 😉 I got few sweat shirts for myself. Search for a jacket or a coat is still on. I hope something pleases me soon!

I pray that the year 2007 brings happiness, joy and prosperity for one and all.

The next post shall be in the following year, so till then, happy reading and blogging!

Goodbye 2006! 🙂
Welcome 2007! 😉